That’s The Way Cookie Crumbles – Compilation

« That’s the way cookie crumbles« 
Compilation CD (Kérosène – KERO 001) septembre 1997     Step back v.f.
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??/11/96 – 8ème Rock Festival

Avec Deche Dans Face, How’bee Gas Howl, Vegetable Men, Belly Button, Baby Chaos, Chokebore, Sloy, Girls Against boys, TV Killers, Trusty, Red Aunts, Skelter, New Bomb Turks, Seven Hate, Near Death Experience, Dog Eat Dog, Hint, Alboth, Senser, Electric Groove Temple, Spicy Box, Detrimental, Asian Dub Foundation

Fontenay le Conte (85)

8ème Rock Festival

La veille