Burn Hollywood Burn

Burn Hollywood Burn
Rouen (76).

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« It shouts and sings with life… explodes with love ! »
LP (Emolution records – EMO1.1, vinyl rouge pochette ouvrable) 2001
        Blowing out every light sparkling off my heart / Love (as we know it) hurts with or without you / I against the world : The 2nd round // In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni / Requiem to the living / Our hearts beat faster than your production li(n)e.

20/03/99 – Doc Stuff, Assault, Emphasis, Eclypse, Painted Life, High Scream, Fatal, Karpok, Crowd Out, Screwball, Heretik, Currant Shellers

Samedi 20 mars 1999

Le Havre On Stage Festival

Salle Henri Matisse à Montvilliers (76)

Association Tous des Malades & Sun In My Head