08/12/01 – Breizh Disorder

Avec Voice Of Generation, Bacchus Temple Addicts, Etat d’Urgence, Lost Disciples, Abkahn, Lix Xivia, Core Y Gang, Nevrotic Explosion, Tri Bleiz Die, Right 4 Life, The Mad Trashers, Skuds and Panic People

Parc des Expositions – Rennes (35)

13/10/01 – 2ème Festival Antiracistes

Brigada Flores Magon, Los Fastidos, Opcio K-95, Neophyte, Attacke Brighe, Tastes like Chicken, LTS, Ya Basta, Senza Sicura, NGuru, Oversight, Swagman

Usine – Geneve (Suisse)

Rude Boys Unity