« Oi and punk rock classics vol.5 »

Compilation LP (Pirate / Street kid’s – 2609, Allemagne) 1997

A1 The Jam With Cockney Rejects– England I Miss You Now
A2 Cobra (15)– On The Streets
A3 Funeral Dress– Army Life
A4 Last Stand– Where I Live
A5 Chron Gen– Outlaw
A6 Klaxon (3)– The Kids Today
A7 Channel 3 (2)– Seperate Peace
A8 Radio Nine– Desperation Time
B1 Short’N’Painless– Keep The World
B2 Trotskids– Secoue Plus Fort
B3 The Exploited– Fuck The Mods
B4 Uproar (2)– Love Your Life
B5 Komintern Sect– Plus Fort Que Tout
B6 La Polla Records– Angeles Caidos
B7 Mania (5)– We Don’t Need You
B8 Angelic Upstarts With Roy Young (2)– Different Strokes