21 au 30/10/94 – Anarchy In the UK

Avec Reflective Theatre, Andy Chapman, Lodra Dawa, Edgar Broughton Band, Pat V.T. West, Working Press, London Socialist Film Co-op, Dennis Gould, Sad Society, Fashionable Living Death, Hoax, Aberdeen F.l.N., Anti-fascist Action, Peter Pavement, Haven Distribution, Slab ‘o Concrete, Blind Mole Rat, Sound Clash, Oi Polloi, Oxfin, Bad Attitude, Animal, Crossfire Films, Open Eye, London Anarchist Forum, Freedom Bookshop, Freedom press, Jamie Reed, Gee, Barthe Shouting, I.W.W., By Pass, Chris Walsh, Head, Cool Tan Arts, Peace news, Larry O’Hara, Cyclorama, Giaconda Smile, Jeff Nuttall, Robin Webb, Donald Rooum, John Rety, Fun Times, Jigsaw, Ramraid Sound System, Travellers Support Group, Dave Morris, Edinburgh Fanzine Archive, Despite T.V., Exploding Cinema, Madame Anarcha, Richard Parry, lan Bone, Roadent, Laurens Otter, Gusset, Our Day will Come, Anarchist Yearbook, 56a Info Shop, Planet News, Mother Clan, Dead Dog Mountain, A.L.F., Izvestia, Arthur Moyse, Jeff Cloves, Penny Rimbaud, Wildcat Comics, Words of Warning, South Bristol Anarchists, Kate Sharpley Library, Robb Johnson, Cliff Harper, Derek Wall, Green Revolution, Anarchist Bookfair, Phoenix Press, Anhrefn, Roy Bailey, Armchair Press, New Anarchist Review, Rebel Press, Green Line, Contra-Flow, Davey Garland, Faslane Peace Camp, Bugs ‘n’ Drugs, Chaos U.K., The Roughler, Riff Raff Poets, Ruptured Ambitions, Earth First, Profane Existence, Shambhala Skin, Mortarhate, Spithead, Round the Bend, Temple of Psychic Youth, Hunt Saboteurs Association, George Melly, Martin Everett, Fast Breeder, 121 Centre, Mick Parkin, Tony Allen, Forbidden Planet, Dave Douglass, London Greenpeace, Green Anarchist, Freedom, Libertarian Education, Stephen Hancock, Schwartzeneggar, Cuckooland, Blaggers l.T.A., Chumbawamba, Conflict, Verso, Alternative Tentacles, A.K. Distribution, A.K. Press, Active Distribution, Anarchist Distribution, DS4A, Steve Ignorant, Housemans Bookshop, M11 Link Campaign, A Space, Homocult, Cambridge Anarchists, Legalise Cannabis Campaign, Decadent Action, Extreme Books, Arnie, Greg Barr, Steve Booth, Stuart Home, Neoist Alliance, Freedom Network, Radical Dance Faction, Revolting, Lesbian and Gay Freedom Movement, Pink Panther, Montpellier Musicians Collective, Never Mind the Danger, Wrecking the Planet, Chelmsford Unem- ployed Action, GERM, Seventh Wave, Jay Turner, Richard Adams, Filbo Fever, Bluebird Jones, Marching Altogether, Blasphemy Squad, Noise Fest, Tribal Energy Sound System, Statik, Shambala Sound System, Ugly Beat, Intensive Care, London St. Pauli Supporters Club, Jake Laver, Green Wing, SMUG, Psychic Atters, Underground Power, Green Party, Golden Dawn Occult Society, Liberator Sound System

Londres (UK)